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AirCAT Drill Machine

The AirCAT volleyball fully-automatic machine can feed up to 1,200 fast, precise throws per hour. It’s all done by air, so you’ll eliminate ball replacement costs while gaining a whole new array of volleyball drills designed to improve team and/or individual play. Program the AirCAT to perform just about any drill your team or players need: digging, hitting, setting, serve receive and blocking drills. Delivers the safest, game-like high reps for your offensive and defensive drills.

AirCat Drill Machine - $3995.00

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Product Description

Like every coach, you’re juggling enough balls in the air...Now you can free up more time for coaching by letting the AirCAT® volleyball machine feed up to 1,200 fast, precise throws per hour. It’s all done by air, so you’ll save on ball replacement and still get in thousands of extra reps while working on a new array of volleyball drills to practice: digging, hitting, serve receive, setting, passing, tipping, blocking etc.

AirCAT has no spinning wheels or exposed moving parts to ensure coach and player safety. The built-in rechargeable battery pack provides up to 6-8 hours of training with no cords interfering on the court. 

More reps in less time with greater control—put AirCAT volleyball equipment to work on your team. The operation is automatic, so is the game improvement.

UPC Number: 853390000088
Brand: Airborne Athletics

MPN: ACM-3-100

Shipping Weight: 283 lbs


  • Automatic Ball Feeder - Holds 10 balls
  • Wireless Remote Control (2)
  • Battery-Operated  (No cords on the court) The AirCAT battery will provide 6-8 hours of training. The battery means there is no cords interfering on the court -no tripping hazards.
  • Consistent Air Delivery System
  • Increased Reps- 1,200 fast, precise throws per hour
  • Game-like floaters -The Consistent Air Technology system ensures a just that, a consistent floater serve.


Get the Safest Game-Like Volleyball Training Machine on the Market!

  • Safe Game-Like Repetition ~We watch out for players' and coaches' safety with no spinning wheels or exposed moving parts. The battery feature means no cords-preventing tripping hazards.
  • Game-Like Floaters - Best Floater on the Market 
  • No Ball Wear with Air Delivery ~The AirCAT is the only volleyball training machine that uses consistent air technology to deliver balls, which means no spinning wheels and no wear and tear on your volleyballs. This means more money in you budget instead of spending on replacements.
  • Training for Team and Individual ~The AirCAT throws up to 1200 balls per hour and can be adjusted to different speeds and angles.  This allows for a full range of drills at all levels of play. The 10 ball feeder and remote make individual training a breeze.
  • Versatile - Offensive and Defensive Drills  ~The speed and angle of the AirCAT can be adjusted for a wide array of drills-hitting, setting, digging, tipping, serve receive, blocking, passing, etc.


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Control Panel
Set the ball speed and adjust the tempo – AirCAT volleyball drill equipment gives you full control over training. Coaches can even key-lock the unit to prevent unauthorized use!

Adjustable Angle
AirCAT quickly tilts with a handle adjustment, allowing you to easily simulate various sets, passes, hits or serves.

Electrical Requirements
To provide an adequate charge, a 110 volt (standard wall socket) outlet is required. The battery must be adequately charged for use. Plugging in a dead battery will take approximately 2-3 hours to charge before ready for use. We recommend an overnight charge for the best machine performance.

Lockable Wheels
Each AirCAT comes with 2 lockable wheels, to ensure placement of the machine.

Wireless Remote Control
Control the tempo of practice with the wireless remote control. Not only are you able to start and stop play with the push of a button, but coaches can work directly with players while the drill or play is in motion. With a range of up to 200 feet, a coach could be right next to the player regardless of where the ball originates.

Automatic Volleyball Feeder
Volleyball training machines free up a coach so they can coach, and not be a ball tosser or tied to a machine feeding balls. Our automatic volleyball feeder holds up to 10 balls – freeing a coach to observe the players motions during the drill. And, the automatic volleyball feeder allows players the opportunity to train by themselves. Imagine your athletes getting extra practice on their own and what that might do for your WIN column.

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