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How many tosses per hour does the aircat deliver?

The AirCAT can deliver 1,200 consistent tosses per hour – delivered to the exact location and at the exact speed specified.


We can ship our AirCAT Machine within 5-7 business days from the time of order. 

How fast can the aircat send a serve?

The AirCAT is designed to delivery consistent game-like floater serves. Since floater serves are now 85% of all collegiate level serves used in a game. There is no other machine on the market that delivers a perfect floater, safely.

Can the aircat toss a ball with a spin?

The AirCAT is designed to launch consistent game-like floater balls which are the most common type of serve in collegiate volleyball today.

How many balls can be put in the automatic feeder?

The AirCAT automatic feeder can hold up to 10 volleyballs.

How long does the aircat battery hold a charge?

An AirCAT battery can provide a charge for 6-8 hours depending on ball speed. And, if properly maintained, the battery can last 8-10 years!

If I do need to prelace the battery, where can I get a replacement?

It is a 12V80 amp deep cycle battery that can be picked up at most local car parts store.

What are the storage dimensions for the aircat?

Storage Dimensions: 49.5” (L) x 31” (W) x 68.5” (H).
 Fully Assembled, the AirCAT can roll through a standard size door.

What types of programs are currently using the aircat?

The AirCAT can be found on thousands of courts around the world helping all types of volleyball programs: club teams, high school teams, collegiate programs, world teams and our U.S. Olympic team! It is clear from the number of AirCATS on the market – it is the number one volleyball machine in the world.

Can the aircat be used only indoors, or can it be taken outside?

Since the AirCAT is compact, portable and battery-operated, the AirCAT can be used on indoor or outdoor courts for year round training at your facility or your backyard. We even have special sand wheels(ordered separately as an accessory) if you need to use it on a sand court!

Can the aircat provide drills for our offensive and defensive plays?

The AirCAT is the most versatile machine on the market since it can deliver training drills to replicate serves, digs, spikes, sets, tips, passes and blocks. AirCAT volleyball equipment goes from power-spiking to soft-setting in a heartbeat. With our adjustable angle, speed and tempo – you can create any game experience with precision and repeatability.

What is the difference between spinning wheels and air-driven toss?

AirCAT’s patented air-driven launching system delivers volleyballs consistently and accurately. With 100% precision, every ball is where you want it – exponentially increasing volleyball training efficiency and saving coaches from hitting the thousands of balls a week! With spinning wheels, there is a chance for errors in delivery and damage to the volleyballs. Visit our Air vs Wheels page for further comparison.

How does the aircat compare to other training machines?

AirCAT uses an incredibly accurate air-driven launching system (Consistent Air TechnologyTM) to deliver volleyballs to a precise location, time-after-time. This increases player proficiency through perfect repetition. Other training machines employ spinning wheels. These types of machines cause ball wear, whereas with the AirCAT, there is no ball wear. Such machines cannot produce the consistency, precision or versatility of the AirCAT. The AirCAT is battery-operated and allows operation via automatic timer or with a wireless remote. It is the only “complete” training machine for all your players.

How can training with the aircat benefit players (programs)?

AirCAT high repetition drill machine is perfect for team training and individual training; and it can be adapted for virtually any drill or game-like training scenario.

  • Individual players can practice on their own without the need for anybody to toss balls.
  • AirCAT can launch 1,800 balls per hour making it effective for in-season and off-season workouts.

Easily operate the AirCAT with a wireless remote control; allowing players to get in more practice time. In addition, with no spinning wheels, coaches do not have to worry about player safety while using the machine.

If service is needed, How is repair or service handled?

The AirCAT is equipped with an electronic diagnostic menu for identifying issues. If you have a question related to the performance or a message on the diagnostic menu, please do not hesitate to call us at 888.887.7453 or send us an email at info@airborneathletics.com. We are in the office Mon – Fri 7am – 4pm CST. Maintenance tips are available for reference in the AirCAT Manual.

What maintenance tips do you recommend for when the aircat is not in use?

If you plan to store the AirCAT for a period that is over 24 hours, the AirCAT system needs to be depressurized. Trapped air holds moisture and moisture can affect internal components. To depressurize the system, takes only a few minutes and is done with a push of a button. Also, be sure to plug in the battery box system 24-36 hours before intended use to ensure full power. Plus, during the off-season, plug in the system once a month for an overnight charge to get the maximum life out of your battery.

How long has airborne athletics been producint the aircat machine?

Airborne Athletics has been in business since 1998, with our first product being the AirCAT Volleyball Machine! In addition to volleyball machines, we also design, manufacture and sell basketball shooting machines.

Why buy an Aircat high repitition volleyball drill machine?

If you are looking for a versatile, effective and dependable piece of equipment to improve and extend your volleyball training program – then the AirCAT is for you.

  • AirCAT “frees” up a coach and allows them to focus on their coaching rather than just tossing balls or feeding balls into a machine.
  • AirCAT delivers a hard spike and a consistent soft set.
  • AirCAT provides team training and independent training options.
  • AirCAT is the safest game-like, high repetition machine since it has no exposed moving parts.

AirCAT uses air versus spinning wheels which equals no ball wear.

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