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Box Shooting

Box Shooting


Part 1: The Dish basketball shooting machine delivers one pass to #4 on the left wing. On #4’s catch, #1 begins the “box” set shooting. #1 first cuts up to the free throw line elbow area, catches the pass and squares up for a jump shot. As soon as he/she shoots, that player fades to the wing area behind the 3 point line to receive the next pass from #4. #1 takes the second shot from the wing.


Part 2: As soon as #1 shoots the wing shot he/she slides down to the corner and receives the next pass from #4. #1 takes the 3 point shot from the right corner.


Part 3: After the corner shot, #1 moves up for the last shot in the “box set” near the mid-range area on the baseline. After finishing, #1 goes to the back of the passing line. A new passer, #3, steps in while #4 moves to the end of the shooting line. A new shooter, #2, is ready to continue the “box” shooting drill.