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Compare Air vs Wheels

Spinning Wheels Air-propelled AirCAT
Throwing head delivers ball to a location on the court, but a person is required to be at the machine to feed and adjust. Machine Performance AirCAT quickly tilts with the turn of a knob, to easily simulate sets, passes, hits or serves. Create any game-like experience with precision and repeatability by adjusting the angle, speed and tempo.
Spinning wheels cause risk for players and risk for maintenance. Built on heavy powder-coated steel frame. Durability Air-propelled system with no spinning wheels on portable metal frame encased in a heavy-duty but lightwight poly shell. Frame built onto locking wheels. Sand Wheels are available.
Coach can control tempo by feeding continuously or not feeding the ball. The speed, angle and spin are controlled by the coach at the machine. No remote control. Feeding and Tempo Air-propelled machine can be set to toss up to 1200 balls per hour. Automatic Ball Feed allows 10-balls to be set on machine for continuous play. For more controlled delivery, switch over to remote mode, and the remote will launch a ball. To adjust the speed of a launched ball, simply turn the speed adjustment knob on the control panel.
Spinning wheels grip the ball and can wear the skin of the ball. In addition, the wheels are a safety hazard for players and coaches. Ball Use and Wear AirCAT uses air to throw the balls eliminating the need for spinning wheels. And, causes zero ball wear.
Ball release can be above the net since on a platform. Digging Spike drills are set from same side of net with incredible consistency.
Delivers top spins and floaters. Serving Delivers best game-like floaters in the market.
Ball delivery is based on verbal alert from coach. Visibility Visual timing of ball delivery is alerted with flashing light and buzzer.
No remote control. Due to spinning wheels, many schools do not allow players to operate machines. Requires coach to be at machine to control. Remote Use Control the start and stop of play with wireless remote control by coach or player. In addition, a coach can remotely launch a ball with a touch of a button during the drill.
Extension Cord required to power machine. Creates hazard on court and additional expense. Cordless Training AirCAT can be used anywhere since powered with long-lasting (8-10 hours) battery.
Individual Player cannot train without assistance from coach. Individual Player Training Individual Player can train with the use of the remote control.

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