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Dribble Weave Jumpers

Dribble Weave Jumpers


Part 1: #1 receives the pass from the Dish basketball exercise machine. On the catch, #1 drives at #2 on the wing and executes a dribble hand-off. #2 receives the pass from #1, takes a good hard dribble, squares up to the basket, and shoots the ball.


Part 2: The Dish now sends another pass out to the corner and #2 is waiting to catch the ball just as he/she concluded shooting in the previous diagram. #2 will now catch and execute a dribble weave hand-off with #1. #1 will catch the ball, square up and shoot.


Part 3: The Dish will now rotate to the wing spot and send a pass to #2. On the catch, #2 will attack the top of the key area and execute a dribble, weave, hand-off with #3. #3 will receive the ball, take a hard dribble, square himself/herself to the basket and shoot.


Part 4: The Dish will now send another pass to the wing area where #3 is ready to catch and drive the ball towards the top of the key. #2 is waiting to recieve the dribble hand-off. #2 takes the ball, dribbles once, squares to the basket and shoots.


Part 5: The Dish now rotates to the top and will deliver two quick passes in this location, just as it did in the first two locations. Here #3 is ready to catch the ball and drive in the other direction towards #2. #2 takes the hand-off and shoots the ball.


Part 6: The Dish sends a second pass to the top where #2 is waiting this time to catch and attack the wing player #3 for the dribble hand-off. #3 steps over the hand-off, takes the ball, dribbles once, squares and shoots the ball. The Dish will now rotate back to the wing making two passes and continue the drill.