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How iC3 Works

iC3 can increase your Shooting Percentage.

Repetition and technique are important factors to becoming a great shooter. The more quality shots you take with the proper arc, your muscle memory will develop and your shooting percentag will increase. This change might be the difference between winning and losing, scoring 12 or 18 or hitting the buzzer beater. Imagine what a small increase in your shooting percentage can do for your game.

But, to see these changes at game time and in practice, you literally need to increase the number of shots on the hoop, and they need to be quality shots done in a repetitive and consistent drill.

Train Smarter, Score More

  • The unique net system of the iC3 Shot Trainer captures made and missed shots – keeping a player focused on shooting versus chasing the ball.
  • The iC3 instantly improves a player's arc on their shot because of the net height. The height of the net forces a 45 degree shot, the recognized angle for having the best chance of making a shot.
  • The iC3 net height forces young shooters to tuck their elbow under the basketball and force a high release finish for each shot. This dual action forces an arc to the shot and lets the shooter instantly get the improvement they need on their arc.

It’s like a batting cage or a pitching machine for basketball!

Extend the gym to your driveway with the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer.

  • Complete 90 minutes of shooting in just 30 minutes.
  • Triple your shooting repetitions – up to 300% more!
  • Eliminate flat-arc shooting – stop shooting bricks.
  • Develop game-time muscle-memory.
  • Sink more shots.

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