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iC3 Home Shot Trainer

iC3 Home Shot Trainer is the only home basketball shot trainer that combines high-repetition training with proper arc shooting for improved performance in the shortest amount of time. Best basketball training aid for in-season, off-season, home and team training.

iC3 fits easily on most home basketball systems, so you can run drills with incredible repetition for game-like muscle-memory in the shortest amount of time – it’s like a batting cage for basketball!

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How the iC3 works:

iC3 catches and returns both made and missed shots. Don’t waste time running down the driveway, focus on shooting and getting in more reps! iC3 fits easily on most home basketball systems, so you can run drills with incredible repetition for game changing muscle memory in the shortest amount of time – it’s like a batting cage for basketball! Yes, it returns your shots to any spot on the court (180 degree adjustable ball return ramp) – but it also instantly improves your shooting form and arc. 

“We bought the iC3 for our daughter about 3 weeks ago. Within one week of using the iC3, her shooting percentage went up by 13%. Thank you!” Parent | Green Bay, WI

iC3 is not just a Rebounder, it's the best new basketball shot training equipment, period! 



  • Built-in Return Ramp
    The iC3 has a 180-degree adjustable ball return ramp allowing the player to adjust where the ball will be returned on the court.
  • Return System
    Captures made and missed shots, plus ensures development of a shooting form to deliver a 45 degree arc. Get in 3x more shots.
  • Optional Shot Counter
    The iC3 Shot Counter allows you to easily know how many shots were taken in a workout. It easily attaches on the ball return ramp.
  • Storage
    The iC3 is designed to easily fold up for compact storage - Weighs only 35 lbs.
  • Durable 
    The iC3 frame is built with quality welded steel. Designed to withstand rain, heat and cold temperatures, however, we recommend storing the iC3 inside during extreme weather conditions.
  • Set-Up 
    The iC3 rests on the rim, so it takes just seconds to set-up – simply lift and position the iC3 on the rim. For safety purposes, we do recommend having two people lift the unit up to the rim. 
    See Step-by-Step Photos.
  • Compatible Systems
    Designed for pole supported systems, but the iC3 is compatible with most 72" regulation gym backboards - eliminating the pole support brace.  If using a system with a reservoir, we recommend using a 30 lb counterweight.
  • High-rep training.
    Returns made and missed shots, less chasing - more shooting. Get in 3x more reps!
  • See an increase in shooting percentage.
    Shoot 3 times a week for 30 minutes, for 60 days, average shooting percentage will increase – proven.
  • Develop an optimal arc of 45 degrees
    The net height only allows for a 45 degree arc shot, the recognized arc for consistent made shots.
  • Makes Shooting Workouts Fun!
    Since players can focus on shooting versus chasing balls after each shot, they have more fun shooting!
  • Confidence
    - Increased Reps and Proper Arc = Increased shooting %
    - Increased shooting % = More Playing Time
    - More Playing Time = More Points
    - More Points = More Confidence




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iC3 Storage and Weight Specifications:

 Storage Dimensions  In-use Dimensions Shipping Dimensions
 Length: 22"  Length: 58"  Length: 40"
 Width: 22"  Width: 109"  Width: 22"
 Height: 59"  Height: 63"  Height: 6"
 Weight: 35lbs  Weight: 35lbs  Weight: 45lbs

Order Information

UPC Number: 853390000033
Brand: Airborne Athletics
MPN: ICH-1-100
Shipping Weight: 45 lbs

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Optional Accessory

Optional Accessory Kit – $39.99
The iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer Accessory Kit includes: Wheels and a Mechanical Shot Counter.
See Details.

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