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iC3 Testimonials

We LOVE our iC3! My son is able to get in TONS of quality shots without having to track down every rebound. Using one ball, he can focus on dribble moves and form. Using two, he can get in many reps. The net is helping reinforce his arc and he enjoys it. Even though his workouts are more efficient, he’s actually working LONGER because he doesn’t have to chase a rebound which makes it more enjoyable. Assembly wasn’t too bad, putting it up and down/storing it is simple! Great product!

Tons of Quality Shots Ron Gulley | Parent | Snellville, GA

Benefits are that my 14 year old boy gets to complete A LOT more shots, it’s going to be a big summer project for him this summer in getting his percentage up which I know will lead to getting him more confidence. I keep telling my son that I wish I had something like this when I was growing up…Great Product.

Complete More Shots David Castanon | Parent | El Paso, TX

Our players love the iC3 and it has improved our shooting by teaching more arc and the girls think it is fun to use. I looked for an affordable and portable shooting trainer for a long time and your product is the best one available.

Teaches Arc Dan Rud | Coach | Hayden, ID

iC3 Customer Review: Oct. 18, 2013 – Great training device, would give it a 5 star!!!!

Darrell Loy | Parent | Jamestown, KY

iC3 Customer Review: Oct. 10, 2013 – Awesome Addition to our Basketball Court!

Todd Zimmerer | Parent | Creighton, NE

iC3 is an awesome addition to our basketball court! My daughter shoots 200 shots per day which is helping her with her arc and cutting her workout time in half. Great product and would recommend it to anyone

“We bought the iC3 for our daughter about 3 weeks ago. Within one week of using the iC3, her shooting percentage went up by 13%. Thank you!” Parent | Green Bay, WI

My son loves it…it makes his workout so much faster. So far so good!

Loves iC3 Jeanine Esposito | Parent | Staten Island, NY

In short, we absolutely love it. We have had it up for about a week now. My son and I put it together in about 45 minutes (would have been quicker if we read the directions, but we’re guys after all. . . ) anyway, I am impressed with the simplicity and even better the sturdy construct and design. My kids haven’t stopped shooting on the thing since we got it. Thanks so much for turning me onto it.

We Love It! Scott Graviet | Parent | Nampa, ID

​I am extremely pleased with the iC3. After only 3 sessions, we have corrected a non- rotation problem we had worked on for months, the higher arc forces the shooters elbow under the ball automatically.

​Corrected a Non-Rotation Problem Ron Harmon | Parent and Coach | Knox Central High School, Barbourville, KY

iC3 Customer Review: Jan. 24, 2014 – Results have been amazing!
Company absolutely did what they said. Sent the right equipment, on time and with all the required pieces. Instructions were complete and understandable. Company did fantastic job of following up, both during and afterward to make sure that everything was acceptable. The results for my 11 and 14 year old grandsons has been amazing – my 9th grader grandson scored 36 of his team’s 44 points, many using the high arc learned from the iC3. Thanks!
Tom Fuller | Grandparent | Houston, TX

My daughter absolutely loves iC3!!! Her arc on her shot has really improved, not to mention consistency in scoring!!!! I as a father was really impressed when my friend, whom by the way is a division 1 basketball coach, was in town and stopped by to visit, took a few practice shots…1 week later, he called wanting the name and website to purchase the iC3 for his sons to have at home!!! Great training device, would give it a 5 star!!!! Affordable for anyone’s budget who desires to get as many shots up possible with the correct form!!!! Again, since ordering iC3 Shot Trainer, shooting drills have become fun, rather than work for my daughter! Just want to give you a big thanks and lots of credit for a seventh grader moving up to play high school ball this year!!!

"We ordered the iC3 for our home for my two teen sons after training with it at the George Gervin Center in San Antonio, TX. We ordered it on a Tuesday and had it by Friday - really quick and efficient shipping. George recommends 500 shots a day per kid and the iC3 simulates shooting over a tall player with the proper arc, so this makes it a lot less painless for the boys to practice with. Instead of having to chase the ball for every bad bounce / miss, the ball returns to the shooter(s). More than one person at a time can use the system without any problem

Teaches Arc Robert Borg | Parent | San Antonio, TX

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