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Minnesota Timberwolves Improved Shooting Percentage to Highest in the League ...

Minnesota Timberwolves Improved Shooting Percentage to Highest in the League ...

Leaving Basketball Coaches Everywhere Wondering, "What was their secret weapon?"

3 Tips for Improving your Basketball Team’s Skills using the Secret Weapon of the Top Teams

Minneapolis, MN- Last season, the Timberwolves had a secret weapon in their quest to improve their basketball shooting percentage. The secret weapon was definitely successful; they ended the season tied with Sacramento for the highest shooting percentage in the NBA. At all levels of the game, coaches are now using that same weapon, the Dr. Dish ™ basketball training equipment(www.drdishbasketball.com) to improve their players’ shooting percentage and their rebounding. Flip Saunders, Timberwolves Head Coach, asserts, "I’ve used other training machines. . . Dr. Dish is the best." Other top coaches including Roy Williams of the North Carolina Tar Heels and Steve Alford of the Iowa Hawkeyes also incorporated the Dr. Dish into their training regimes in the 2003-2004 season. They all agree that the Dr. Dish basketball shooting drill machine does more than any other training machine that they’ve worked with – training all of your players in virtually every facet of the game.

Following are Dr. Dish’s top tips for improving your team’s level of play:

Game Spot. Game Shot. Game-Speed. A common dilemma for basketball coaches is that they seem to have two teams – the one that shows up for practice and the one that shows up for the game. At practice, the team can run the drills perfectly and sink every shot. At game time, nothing works – the team doesn’t seem to operate at the same level as the other team. Often, the problem may not lie in the players, but in how their practices are run. Ask your self this question, "Do my basketball drills mimic my plays—are the passes coming from the right location to the right location and at the same speed as if it were a game?" If not, you need to redesign your practices so that the players are practicing as intensely as if it were a game. In a game, players never receive a nice easy pass from under the basket and leisurely shoot up a three pointer. They usually have to move to the pass, turn to the basket, and make a move to get open and then shoot. And always—someone is in their face. Because the Dr. Dish basketball training equipment can be used anywhere on the court, coaches are able to use it to deliver realistic basketball drill situations and control/increase the tempo of their practices.

You can’t score without shooting the ball, but you have to rebound in order to get the ball. Practice, practice, practice shooting, but don’t ignore the rebounding! Previously, in order to practice rebounding, you needed someone to shoot and miss (not a skill you encourage!). Using the Dr. Dish for basketball shooting exercises, you can repeatedly simulate a missed shot so that your players can practice their rebounding skills.

Don’t buy a single purpose training machine. The level of play at the professional level and in colleges, universities, and high schools has become increasingly competitive at the same time that economic concerns have limited many programs’ budgets. Since Dr. Dish is the only basketball shooting machine that’s also a passing, rebounding and on court drill machine it truly is the one machine that you can’t afford not to buy.

Whether your goal is to lead the NBA in shooting percentage, win the conference, or have a basketball team with better all around skills, top coaches agree that you better be looking at the Dr. Dish basketball training equipment. According to Roy Williams, "The power and adaptability of Dr. Dish allows our players to effectively train from all areas of the court, individually, or as a team." Steve Alford says, "Dr. Dish certainly offers great versatility for our shooters. It is well-designed and is a teaching aid that players can see their constant improvement." Looking at their overall records, would you like to argue with them?"

For more information on the Dr. Dish basketball drill machine, please contact Airborne Ahtletics, Inc. at 1-888-887-7453.

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