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Path to Arc Development - with the iC3

Path to Arc Development - with the iC3

Path to Arc Development – with the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer

Help young shooters develop a consistent arc by reinforcing the proper arc and form. 

What is Arc?

Arc is the path the basketball travels from the time it leaves the shooter’s hand until it arrives at the basket. Factors affecting the arc include release direction, point and speed. Noah Basketball completed an impressive study showcasing just how shooting percentages increase with a consistent arc. Ref: http://www.noahbasketball.com/working/makemoreshots.pdf

Why is Arc important?iC3_feature_arc

The arc that a shooter puts on a ball defines how it will enter the basket. For example, if a shooter puts 0 degrees of arc on the ball – it is a flat shot or a brick and hits the rim. And, if the shooter puts a 90 degree arc on the ball – it would fall straight in from above…(not many people can drop a ball from the ceiling… but it helps to visualize the right arc. So, if a shooter can find the halfway point – or 45 degrees – the ball will arc directly in the center of the hoop!  Finding the proper arc is critical for the development of a consistent basketball shooter and for making the shot over and over again.

Path to Arc Development

Instant feedback for a young shooter is critical to arc development. Allowing a player to continually shoot with the wrong form and a flat arc will only result in poor or low shooting percentages.

Many coaches are recognizing that the net system used in the Dr. Dish Basketball Team Trainer from Airborne Athletics offers instant feedback on the quality of a shooter’s arc.  Airborne Athletics took the net design from the Dr. Dish and developed a home version for young players to continue their arc development and shooting on their own time in their own driveway – the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer.

The unique net system of the iC3 Shot Trainer captures all made and missed shots, plus, it gives immediate feedback to the player if they have put the right arc on the ball. The height of the net only allows for a 45 degree shot, the recognized arc for consistent shots.

The iC3 net height forces young shooters to tuck their elbow under the basketball and force a high release finish for each shot. This dual action forces an arc to the shot and lets your shooter instantly get the feedback they need on their arc.


In summary – the iC3 Basketball Shot Trainer ensures young players gain correct arc development by:

  • making a shooter tuck their elbow during the start of the shot
  • then, forcing a high-release finish to get right arc and the shot.

How can this help a young shooter?

  • Players shoot the ball versus push the ball
  • Players build muscle memory for an arc that brings consistent shooting.
  • Players with the proper arc increase their shooting percentages.

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