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Triple Post Drill

Triple Post Drill


Part 1: Drill starts with post player #1 stepping into the short corner area and receiving pass from the Dish basketball training tool. #1 executes a rip through move, attacks the baseline, scores, and passes the ball back out to the BallBoy Net system on the Dish.


Part 2: After passing out to the ball catching net, #1 hustles to the low post area to catch the next pass from the Dish. #1 turns and executes a low post move. #1 follows the shot and will tip in any misses, and then throw the ball back to the ball catching system connected to the Dish on the wing.


Part 3: #1 now flashes to the high post to catch, face and take the 15� jump shot on the elbow area. #1 will follow the shot and tip in the miss. If working individually, the same player, #1, will then step to the low post and continue the drill. If working with a small group, the next player in line would step into the low post and continue the drill shooting at the low post, short corner, back to low post and finishing in the high post.