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AirCAT is the ultimate high-repetition volleyball training machine.


AirCat Volleyball Training Machine

The ultimate volleyball training machine

With AirCAT, gone are the days when you spent more time tossing balls than working closely with your players to improve their performance.

The AirCAT is a fully-automatic, battery operated drill machine that uses patented Consistent Air Technology to safely and efficiently train all aspects of the game of volleyball: hitting, digging, setting, blocking, and serve receive.

Endorsed by top programs all over the world, AirCAT allows coaches to spend less time hitting and tossing and more time teaching and training.

Welcome to the future of volleyball training.

Features & Benefits

  • AirCAT ball feeder holds 10 balls at a time
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Cordless/Rechargeable battery offers 6-8 hours of training on 1 charge
  • Consistent serve receive reps
  • Adjustable angle for each skill and drill
  • Lockable wheels for accuracy
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"I can't believe how versatile AirCAT is. We use it with our passers, setters, and hitters."

Angela Barton
Head Volleyball Coach, Licking High School, MO

Angela Barton CIRCLE

The most versatile training machine around

Use AirCAT for hitting, blocking, setting, digging, and serve receiving to train your players faster than ever.
aircat volleyball team drills

See the AirCAT in action.

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