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More reps means more wins with AirCAT

Welcome to the future of volleyball training.

With patented Consistent Air Technology that creates consistently accurate tosses, the AirCAT is designed to work on not only team drills but individual skills as well, all while freeing up coaches to train and teach – not toss.

The AirCAT is fully-automatic, battery operated, and can pass up to 1,200 balls per hour. In addition to creating accurate and consistent tosses every time, the patented air mechanism preserves the life span of your volleyballs and no spinning wheels or exposed moving parts ensure coach and player safety. The AirCAT performs all drills necessary for the game of volleyball: hitting, digging, setting, blocking and serve receive and delivers the safest, most game-like reps for both offensive and defensive skill training.  

Get more reps in less time with greater control. Put the AirCAT to work for your team and watch your players improve faster than ever.

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AirCAT is packed with innovation

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Consistent Air Technology (C.A.T.)

The "CAT" in AirCAT stands for our patented Consistent Air Technology. AirCAT is the only volleyball machine that is powered by compressed air so you get consistent reps and volleyballs that don't wear out.

Auto ball feeder

Getting rhythm reps is not always easy if you don't have a consistent toss. The ball feeder holds up to 10 balls at a time so the machine can consistently feed the same toss to your hitters.

Wireless remote control

Controlling the machine via remote allows for hands-free coaching. You can spend less time feeding/programming the machine and more time coaching your players on proper technique and training.

Long lasting battery

The rechargeable and cordless battery allows your athletes to constantly be competing. The charge offers up to four (4) hours of non-stop reps with no need to move a cord around.

Consistent reps

Float serves are the most common serve in volleyball. Thanks to Consistent Air Technology, the AirCAT ensures that your passers never miss out on serve receive reps.

Adjustable angle

The handle adjustments on the AirCAT allow coaches to manipulate the machine to function for each and every drill they need. The different angles and speed can be altered to work with different age groups and levels of play.

Lockable wheels

Keeping the machine in place is a good way to ensure your players know where the machine is at all times, and can set it up all on their own, whether that is on the court itself, or on a box.

Compared to the competition - there's no comparison

We've designed AirCAT to allow you to train your players faster than ever - with a machine that's amazingly versatile and easy to use.

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AirCAT quickly tilts with the turn of a knob, to easily simulate sets, passes, hits or serves. Create any game-like experience with precision and repeatability by adjusting the angle, speed and tempo.

Machine Performance

Throwing head delivers ball to a location on the court, but a person is required to be at the machine to feed and adjust.
Air-propelled system with no spinning wheels on portable metal frame encased in a heavy-duty but lightweight poly shell. Frame built onto locking wheels. 


Spinning wheels cause risk for players and risk for maintenance. Built on heavy powder-coated steel frame.

Air-propelled machine can be set to toss up to 1200 balls per hour. Ball Feeder holds up to 10 balls at a time and can be set for whatever time increments you see fit. Switch over to remote mode to control the machine from afar. 

Feeding and Tempo

Coach can control tempo by feeding continuously or not feeding the ball. The speed, angle and spin are controlled by the coach at the machine. No remote control.

Patented CAT uses air tanks to toss out each ball without anything touching it : resulting in zero ball wear.

Ball Wear

Spinning wheels grip the ball and can wear the skin of the ball. In addition, the wheels are a safety hazard for players and coaches.

The AirCAT can be manipulated to dish out any set you may need for your hitters.


Excessive spin creates inconsistent sets  
Set the machine up for same side digs to run on timer


Ball release can be above the net since on a platform.

Delivers best game-like floaters in the market.

Serve Receive

Delivers top spins and floaters.
Visual timing of ball delivery is alerted with flashing light and buzzer.


Ball delivery is based on verbal alert from coach.

Control the start and stop of play with wireless remote control by coach or player. In addition, a coach can remotely launch a ball with a touch of a button during the drill.

Remote Use

No remote control. Due to spinning wheels, many schools do not allow players to operate machines. Requires coach to be at machine to control.

AirCAT can be used anywhere since powered with long-lasting (6-8 hours) battery.

Cordless Training

Extension Cord required to power machine. Creates hazard on court and additional expense.

Individual players can train with the remote control, or by setting the timer on the machine. 

Individual Player Training

Individual Player cannot train without assistance from coach.

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I love using the AirCAT! It helps me utilize my time during practice and help athletes improve without receiving poor passes. The passing and ball location is very accurate. I'd recommend the AirCAT to any coach!

- Corey Billaney
Head Girls’ Volleyball Coach
Boissevain School, Boissevain, MB, Canada

I love the AirCAT. It has helped my players and has been a great help to me as well. I only had 10 girls on my team so the AirCAT was like another player. Our serve receive also improved tremendously. I would recommend the AirCAT to any high school team.

- Danielle Hunt
Head Volleyball Coach
Mohonasen High School, Schenectady, NY

The machine works great. The floaters it serves really move a lot and it is real challenging for my passers. It allows me to work with my passers in close vicinity rather than try to tell them and show them things while I am on the other side of the court serving. It also saves my right shoulder, as I no longer have to serve 100+ times a practice.

- Andy Matthews
Head Volleyball Coach
Mt. Sinai High School, Mt. Sinai, NY

"The AirCAT is like having an extra assistant coach. It allows me to assist my players with their skill sets, while it simulates extremely realistic serves and attacks. I also utilize the projection angle to setup consistent sets. The AirCAT has helped improve our team and program tremendously. I would highly recommend the AirCAT to any program."

- Matt Lacy
Corinth High School, NY

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