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How M1 Volleyball Club Uses AirCAT


Jaime Suapaia, the Head Coach & Age Director at M1 Minnesota Volleyball Club, talks about a few of the ways AirCAT has helped improved the efficiency of their practices.

"Our AirCAT is a vital piece to our program as it has helped us capitalize time and space for serve receive and defense. We use our machine daily and it helps save our staff’s shoulders. It is also great because the players have to work on quicker recognition and change ups on the ball. I would highly recommend the AirCAT for any volleyball program!"

Aleah Hayes
Women's Head Coach, Trinity Valley Community College, Athens, TX

"We received our AirCAT a few weeks ago and are just getting into using it. The girls love that you can use the machine to train different facets of the game, and are having fun figuring it out together!"

Lacy Hanf
Middle School Girls Volleyball Coach, Barbers Hill Middle School North, Mont Belvieu, TX

Barbers Hill
"Horizon Honors Eagles love the AirCAT! We maximize our time before and after practice with positional training sessions, or even during practice when we need to tweak our game! Our setter to middle connections have improved immensely since adding the AirCAT to our program!"

Kris Maglunog
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Horizon Honors Secondary, Phoenix, AZ

Horizon Honors
"The ladies enjoy having the AirCAT because it allows for consistent sets. Everyone can get involved while being able to focus on proper footwork and approach, and arm swing."

Freddie Jordan
Head Coach, Tolleson Union High School, Tolleson, AZ

Tolleson Union HS
"We use our AirCATs everyday in practice, and the number of reps we can get up makes a huge difference. Regardless of the time we allot to it, we can always count on our girls getting quality reps."

Joe Weiss
Co-Founder of Viper Training, Memphis, TN

Viper Volleyball
“We just purchased the AirCAT and love it. We use it for setting and serve receive. It makes practice a lot more efficient. The remote feature even lets the girls get in a solid workout regardless of how many players are in. The girls love the machine and even have a name for it (Fergie).”

Brock Harris
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Thompsonville High School, Thompsonville, IL


"Here at EVA, for our front row players, we like to use the AirCAT for transition work. It helps our players get in the mindset to hustle from blocking transition(to attack), as well as dig transition(to attack). 

For our back row players, we like to run deep receiving and passing drills with our AirCAT to send up to the setter. The more reps the better here for that connection off the first touch."

Mike Graham
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Eagle's View Academy, Jacksonville, FL

Eagles View Academy
“The Lady Miners are in the initial stages of incorporating the AirCAT into practices, but I can already see the difference it is making for my girls with serve receive and precision passing. The versatility it offers with speed and trajectory are so beneficial while working with athletes of various skill levels. I am thrilled we were able to purchase the AirCAT for our athletes.”

Jackie Jones
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, HEM High School, Hannah, WY

HEM Lady Miner
"The AirCAT is like having an extra assistant coach. It allows me to assist my players with their skill sets, while it simulates extremely realistic serves and attacks. I also utilize the projection angle to setup consistent sets. The AirCAT has helped improve our team and program tremendously. I would highly recommend the AirCAT to any program."

Matt Lacy
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Corinth High School, Corinth, NY

Corinth High School
"The AirCat has helped bring consistency and stability to our practices by allowing us to work on a wide variety of skills in a self sufficient manner. I love that the girls can set up and run a drill with the AirCat allowing us, as coaches, more time to observe and correct as needed. We are pleased with our purchase of the AirCat and see a vast improvement in our ball control with more effective tracking.

Sacha Burkett
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Western High School, Russiaville, IN

Western High School
"Things are going great with the AirCAT.  We use it as another player. We don't have to worry about reps or instruction with and that allows us to fully utilize our time on the court.  Whether in small groups or individual workouts, the AirCAT keeps us going without missing a beat.  It can set for hitters, serve to passers, or even toss to setters.  It is an irreplaceable piece of equipment in our gym."

Chad Jones
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Cedar Park High School, Cedar Park, TX

Cedar Park High School
"The AirCat has allowed the coaching staff to be freed up to coach more rather than toss balls to our setter or hit downballs to our defense. The consistency of the AirCat is especially noticeable. The support we received was impeccable and we had answers given and minor problems solved within the same day! We really need an AirCat for every team - it is the least expensive assistant coach money can buy!"

Greg Walker
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Nixa High School, Nixa, MO

Nixa High School
"By purchasing the AirCAT this offseason, I am able to train players in my out of season classes at school. Since there are low numbers in my classes, it is hard to run traditional drills. My having the AirCAT, I can have our manager feed balls and I can use the remote and be on the same side of the net teaching my players. It has been an invaluable training tool that I wish I had discovered earlier in my career. Well worth the money spent and I use it year round."

Michelle McGuire
Head Girls/Boys Volleyball Coach, Windward High School, Los Angeles, CA

Windward School
"The machine works great. The floaters it serves really move a lot and it is real challenging for my passers. It allows me to work with my passers in close vicinity rather than try to tell them and show them things while I am on the other side of the court serving. It also saves my right shoulder, as I no longer have to serve 100+ times a practice."

Andy Matthews
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Mount. Sinai High School, Mount. Sinai, NY

Mt Sinai High School
"Since receiving the Aircat in October 2013 it has provided a great means through which the athletes are able to focus on one aspect of their game at a time. Specifically transition and attack (it's primary use to date has been as a setter). It also allows for a whole squad approach to attack training taking out the inconsistencies of the first pass."

Eric Smith
Middle School Volleyball Coach, Toowoomba Grammar School, Toowoomba, Australia

Toowoomba Gramm
“Most of our usage is in the form of free ball and serving from the AirCAT. It works very well as an assistant coach that puts balls in play for higher level teams. For our PE classes, it is perfect for easy ball delivery that is controlled and repetitive.”

Keith Wood
Middle School Girls Volleyball Coach, Duchess Park Secondary School, Prince George, BC, Canada

Duchess Park Secondary School
"I love using the AirCAT! It helps me utilize my time during practice and help athletes improve without receiving poor passes. The passing and ball location is very accurate. I'd recommend the AirCAT to any coach!"

Corey Billaney
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Boissevain School, Boissevain, MB, Canada

Boissevain School
"I love the AirCAT. It has helped my players and has been a great help to me as well. I only had 10 girls on my team so the AirCAT was like another player. Our serve receive also improved tremendously. I would recommend the AirCAT to any high school team."

Danielle Hunt
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Mohonasen High School, Schenectady, NY

Mohonasen High School
"The AirCAT has been an amazing addition to our training program. It really is like having another coach on the court wherein you can set it up and have it run drills in another space. It does absolutely everything from hitting to digging to blocking and more. I look forward to using it for years to come at not only the high school level, but also at the middle school level."

Suzanne Legge
Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Harborfields High School, Greenlawn, NY

Harborfields High School

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